High Level Overview
Project Description & Technology Stack
  • The purpose of this project is to do the POC to ingest and index data for easy search.
  • It has support for geo spatial search SpatialSearch nearest neighbors or full-text by name.
  • Apache Spark is used for distributed in memory compute , transform and ingest to build the pipeline.
  • Apache Solr is used for storage and indexing can be configured in cloud mode (Multiple Solr server servers) can be easily scaled up by increasing server nodes.
  • Apache Spark has support for various sources and sinks such as read and write from JDBC, Kafka , S3 and HDFS etc.
Pipeline Overview
Pipeline Description
  • The Apache Solr collection (table name sql equivalent) can be configured with shards (no of partitions) and replicas (fault tolerance)
  • The requirement to handle schema evolution can be done by Solr Managed Schema Configuration
  • The id attribute which is derived from geonameid will take care of updating the collection for future updates and schema evolution as describe above.
  • We can store binary data Binary Data Store such as Shape Files into Solr Document.
  • We can also convert shape file into GeoJSON format and then ingest it into Solr for future processing and updates.
  • The ELK Stack and AWS Cloud watch in the diagram are only shown for How Monitoring and Alert can be implemented.
Search By Name
Search By Greater Circle Distance
Search By Bounding Box

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